Table Formwork

Standard Components of Table Formwork + Aluminium Formwork

1、Technical Features:

① One-time installation: No formwork dismantlement will happen after one-time installation is done, until the construction of the whole structure is completed.

② Overall system in place:Multiple sets of table formwork units collectively form the entire plane structure.

③ One-time dismantlement: After the concrete beam and deck cast-in-situ reached the standard strength for formwork dismantlement, the table formwork units are dismantled collectively and transferred to a hoisting point, where the formwork dismantlement into scattered pieces is no longer needed.

④ Overall system hoisting: With hoisting machine in place, every modular units of the table formwork is hoisted by one time from the previous floor to the upper floor. By referring to the floor plan of the table formwork, each table formwork unit is placed to the intended area as a module. This process is circulated and repeated until the construction of the entire structure is completed.

2、Competitive Advantages

1)High working efficiency, with labor cost saved up to approximately 50%;

2)Mechanical function is performed;

3)Guarantee to meet the construction schedule, with construction of approximately 5 floors of structure can be completed within one month (when pre-tension is absence in the process of construction);

4)Guaranteed high-quality appearance for the concrete casting effect;

5)Reduce consumables of materials;

6)Promote civilized construction;

7)Friendly to the environment in general.