Timber Formwork

① Timber Formwork + Aluminium Beam + Single Steel Prop

② Timber Formwork + Aluminium Beam + Ringlock Scaffolding

③ Aluminium-Timber Formwork Method and Steel Accessories

1、The foundation formwork is made of pine board, poplar board, and eucalyptus board. The thickness of the ground beam side board is 20mm.

2、The formwork at the bottom of the main beam is made of pine board, with 40mm thickness. The column formwork and the slab formwork are made of nine-layered plywood, with 12mm thickness.

3、The support system consists of aluminium beam + single steel prop or ringlock scaffolding.

4、No tolerance for the use of fragile, severely-twisted and moisture-led deformed wood material in the systems of timber formwork and its support.