Shaft Formwork Solutions

Aluminium Formwork + Shaft Aluminium Formwork + Working Platform + Optional Motor

1. Products

① Lifting Shaft Platform System

The lifting shaft platform system can be lifted layer by layer with a tower crane in place. By manually adjusting the corner screws in the system, the whole system can be reset by the motions of contraction and enlargement. Accordingly, the construction of the shaft is well-integrated and mechanized.

② Self-Climbing Shaft Platform System

The self-climbing shaft platform system is a transformative product system developed from the lifting shaft platform system. The product system is complemented by the self-climbing machine, thus the layer-by-layer lifting motion of the whole system can be realized without a tower crane in place. Each of the four corner formworks is equipped with a motor, which will automatically adjust the corner screws in the system to realize a reset of the whole system by contraction and enlargement. The whole operational process can be completed by using the remote control, making the construction of the shaft to be well-integrated, mechanical, and intelligent.

2. Issues Resolved

1)Resolve the issues of repetitive dismantlement and installation process of the conventional formwork system by layers

2)Resolve the issues of formwork expansion, concrete leakage, and deformation, in the condition where a conventional formwork system is used

3)Resolve the issues of size error and vertical deviation existing in the use of a conventional formwork system

3. Competitive Advantages

① Speedy formwork setup

② Speedy lifting and turnover

③ Speedy installation

④ Speedy strengthening

⑤ Speedy contraction of formwork