Tie-Rod Aluminium Alloy Wall and Column Formworks

1. System:

Tie-Rods + Walers + Aluminium Formwork + Steel Accessories

Materials for wall and column formwork using a tie-rod system:
▪ Tie-rods
▪ Aluminium alloy wall panels
▪ Walers
▪ Hexagonal nuts
▪ Gaskets
▪ Waler brackets
▪ Tie-rod raking shore

The features of the tie-rod system:

The main components of the tie-rod reinforcement system are tension tie-rods, walers, and raking shores. The functions of these components are integrated to guarantee the strength, durability, and stability of the system. Upon the completion of the tension tie-rod and waler reinforcement, the stability of the overall wall body will become stronger. After the tie-rod formwork system is dismantled, many tie-rod holes will be left in the wall body, where special waterproofing measures should be done to the tie-rod hole positions.

2. Application Scope:

▪ Typical floors, similar house type and others

▪ Apartments

▪ Office towers

▪ Terrace houses

▪ Hotels