Aluminium-Framed Formwork

Aluminium Frame + Plastic/Timber Formwork

1、Product Components

The product system consists of aluminium-framed timber or plastic formwork consists of formwork system, support system, tightening system and accessories system. The system is the combination of aluminium frame and plastic formwork to replace conventional aluminium formwork. It is lightweight, highly durable, generally stable, more convenient for installation and dismantlement, and has high reusability – in case it is used together with strong steel props, tightening system and high-quality hardware accessories.

2、Competitive Strengths

(1)  Adhere to the client’s needs in cost-saving and efficiency improvement: Minimize maintenance and cleaning costs on site, while the reusability of the formwork system is maximized. Therefore, overall operational cost and any additional cost may incur can be saved up.

(2) Adhere to technological innovation needs: Aluminium-framed timber or plastic formwork is a new type of building formwork technology, where all advantages of aluminium formwork system are succeeded.

(3) Adhere to green construction needs: The safe and clean environment on the site, where aluminium-framed timber or plastic formwork system is used, is adhered to official green construction standards of multiple countries.

The formwork reinforcement system of flat-tie type has lighter accessories in weight. It has smaller gaps for the distances between raking shores, which makes it more flexible for precision adjustments and more convenient for verticality control. Therefore, the casting result of the concrete wall using flat-tie reinforcement formwork system has better verticality. There is no obvious holes left in the concrete wall upon the dismantlement of the formwork system with embedded flat-ties, as the 2 edges of the flat-tie will be cut by using particular tools. Therefore, the cost for hole filling afterwards can be saved up, while the waterproof construction quality for the wall body is more guaranteed.