Ringlock Scaffolding

1. Main Components

Ringlock steel tubular scaffold system consists of vertical rods, horizontal rods, slants, adjustable bases, adjustable brackets, and other components.

2. Installation

The vertical rods are connected by using sleeves or connecting rods. Then, clamp the horizontal rods and the slants into the connecting plates by using rod-end buckle joints. Finally, connect the wedge-shaped bolts quickly to form a constantly geometric steel pipe framework.

3. Material Type

① Q345 (Vertical Rod)

② Q235 (Horizontal Rod, Slant, Adjustable Base, Adjustable Bracket)

4. Application

Mainly used as the support system in the construction of viaducts and other bridge projects, tunnel projects, factories, elevated water towers, electric plants, oil refineries, etc. The ringlock scaffolding system can also be applied to other projects, such as street bridges, spanning beams, storage shelves, mega stages, and backdrops.