Aluminium Alloy Deck Formwork

Aluminium formwork + Single Props + Steel Accessories

1. Materials for Aluminium Alloy Deck Formwork:

a. Aluminium alloy deck formwork;

b. Formwork keel;

c. Quick-deck prop head;

d. Joint bar;

e. Pins and wedges;

f. Single props;

g. Horizontal steel rods;

h. Swivel clamps;

i. Straight clamps

2. Features of Aluminium Alloy Deck Formwork

(1)  The system consists of simple structures, that are easy to operate, anti-corrosion, and able to speed up construction progress.

(2)  Largely reduce the cost of formwork that may incur in the process of transportation, installation, and turnover.

(3)  Minimize costs that may be incurred in terms of on-site machinery operations, daily maintenance, and others.

(4)  Aluminium alloy material has a high reusable rate, which can directly minimize the overall formwork construction cost.