Bridge Solutions

1. Temporary Road

Using steel pipe piles, beret beams, I-beams, bridge deck plates and protection components, the construction access is quickly built on rivers and beaches.

2. Pile Cap

· Steel Cofferdam
We provide prefabricated steel cofferdam, which can be shipped in containers and can be easily disassembled.
· Bottomless Steel Box Cofferdam
Suitable for low pile cap and the coffedam is inserted directly into the bottom of the riverbed.
· Steel Box Cofferdam with Bottom
Suitable for high pile cap and the cofferdam is hanged on the pile foundation.

3. Pier

We can provide all kinds of formwork for pier construction, including steel formwork and climbing formwork.

· Steel Formwork for Pier
Suitable for low-height pier and lifting equipment can be used.
· Climbing Formwork for Pier
Suitable for high height piers.

4. Bent Cap

We can provide steel formwork and operation platform for bent cap constrcution.

· Steel Formwork for Bent Cap
· Operation Platform for Bent Cap
The modular operation platform can be lifted and installed and dismantled as a whole after the assembly is completed.
· Bolt Clamp
It can be used on circular pier to support the bent cap.

5. Girder

For bridge girder construction, there can be multiple solutions and corresponding products available, including simple supported beam , continuous beams, composite steel and concrete beams, and arch bridges.

(1) Simple Supported Beam (CIS)

· Ringlock Scaffold
Suitable for relatively flat terrain with a certain bearing capacity of the foundation.
· Beret Beam Support
Suitable for bridges crossing roads, rivers where the support needs reserve passage holes.

(2) Suspended Beam

· Heavy Duty Bracket
Used for 0# segment of suspended beam.
· Balanced Cantilever Carriage
Used for cantilever segment construction.

(3) Arch Bridge

Cantilever Carriage for Arch Bridge: Used for reinforced concrete arch construction.

6. Precast Components

We can provide precast molds for prefabricated bridge components, including prefabricated pier, prefabricated bent cap, prefabricated box girders, prefabricated U-shaped girders, prefabricated T-beams, and prefabricated segmental assembly beams.

· Prefabricated U-beam
· Prefabricated Bent Cap
· Prefabricated Segmental Assembly Beams
· Prefabricated Pier
· Prefabricated Box Girder(Hydraulic)
· Prefabricated Box Girder
· Prefabricated T-beam