Scaffolding Systems

Construction scaffolding is set up at a certain height and attached to the engineering structure. Relying on its lifting equipment and devices, the scaffolding system can climb or descend with the engineering structure layer by layer. The construction scaffolding with anti-overturning and anti-falling devices can effectively improve safety during construction.

GETO scaffolding system includes various types of scaffolding, self-climbing scaffolding systems, formwork support systems, working brackets, etc., which can support the construction of high-rise buildings and ensure the safety of workers.

GETO scaffolding systems can be applied to different construction project types, including high-rise apartments, office towers, hotels, core tubes, villas and many more.

Self-Climbing External Protection Frame System Solution

GT-18 self-climbing platform system is a technological innovation in the field of scaffolding, which can be used for the overall construction of skyscrapers with only one-time installation. The self-climbing platform system is mainly suitable for high-rise buildings.

High Safety Factor
Save Human Resources
Simple Appearance

Formwork Support System Solutions

Formwork support system provides a stabilizing and solid effect. GETO provides steel props of different thicknesses and ringlock scaffolding to bring safe and stable support to the construction process. GETO formwork support system can be applied to various engineering scenarios.

3.0 mm single prop
3.5 mm single prop
Ringlock Scaffolding

Work Bracket Solutions

External working bracket is a stable operational platform that guarantees the safety of site labours during the installation and dismantlement of the aluminium formwork system. GETO provides working brackets with different styles and different structures and provides customized services to provide high-quality services for partners with different needs.

Internal/External Wall Working Bracket
Customized Working Bracket
High Safety Factor