Aluminium Formwork System Overview: Types and Major Components


Aluminum formwork systems have seen broad use in construction due to their benefits over traditional timber and steel formwork. An aluminum system gives builders a functional solution, delivering precision, speed, safety, and sustainability on projects big and small. It enables fast, efficient building of walls, columns, and slabs through lightweight yet sturdy aluminum panels. This pioneering aluminium formwork system technology has massively boosted construction productivity globally.

aluminium formwork system

Types of Aluminium Formwork Systems

There are two primary aluminium formwork system types used in building construction. Each caters to different project requirements by fulfilling the structural and functional needs of a wide variety of construction projects. The types include:

  1. Flat-Tie System

This formwork system features internal connectors and flat ties to fix formwork panels together. It requires less accessories for assembly and provides higher precision. Without tie-rod holes, it achieves a smoother concrete surface finish.

With external connectors and tie rods passing through the panels, the tie-rod aluminium formwork system delivers high strength and stability essential for renovation projects or structures with a wall thickness of over 400mm. Its versatility enables formwork refurbishment and repeated usage on multiple floors of high-rise buildings.

Major Components of Aluminium Formwork

Panels, connectors, and bracing elements are the core component categories of an aluminium formwork system. These components work together to enable smooth construction.

  1. Panels

Panels act as the main load-bearing parts and come in various types to serve different purposes. Wall panels are the most commonly used and contain tie rod holes for the construction of walls. Wall top panels are utilized for the tops of walls. Column panels form the molds for column construction. Crane-way panels provide paths for cranes to travel on during high-rise building works.

Connectors play a vital joining role. External joint connectors fix panels on the outside of structures. Internal joint connectors are used between adjacent panels from inside. Beam corner joints connect wall and beam panels at angled positions. The sturdy designs of these connectors guarantee panels are firmly interlocked and free of gaps or misalignment.

Temporary bracing elements provide crucial stability to support beams, roofs, and more during construction. Kicker braces support the base of beams. Soffit braces are attached to slab undersides. Semi-circular rocker braces resist uneven loading on curved structures. The adjustable bracing connections conform to irregular profiles and deliver maximum safety even under high load conditions.

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Overall, aluminium formwork systems have evolved the construction process. The two primary types of aluminium formwork – flat-tie and tie-rod systems are suitable for different project requirements and constraints. Major components of aluminium formwork systems, such as panels, connectors, and bracing elements, all enable smooth construction.

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