Formwork Systems

Formwork systems have high turnover rate for their mutual use between different structures.

Comprehensive Aluminium Formwork System Solutions

The aluminium formwork system is contemporarily recognized as an innovative green building formwork system.

Longer, faster, stronger and more cost-effective

Wall and Column Formwork Solutions

Aluminium column formwork can be in rectangular and round forms. It is widely used to form vertical structures in podiums and other building layouts.

Higher operational efficiency, faster turnover, and better casting effect

Deck Formwork Solutions

The deck aluminium formwork system is a transformative formwork product designed to construct slab structure such as flat slab.

Multiple applicability

Lift Shaft Formwork Solutions

The lift shaft formwork system is used to building lifecore structure which product is including lifting shaft platform, self-climbing shaft platform and etc.

Great economic benefits and safe

PPVC Housing Precast Formwork System Solutions

The concept of this product utilization is to form each room of the properties as one modular unit, with formation of its structure and renovation done in a precast factory, in advance to transportation to site for on-the-spot assembly.

Integrated cost, easy-to-operate, high construction efficiency