How to Choose Aluminium Formwork and Self-Climbing Platform Supplier?


It’s crucial for a project to choose a high-quality aluminium formwork and self-climbing platform supplier. Formwork is an important tool for the construction of concrete structures. In a cast-in-place concrete project, formwork engineering generally accounts for 20% ~ 30% of the cost of concrete, accounting for 30% ~ 40% of the workload, accounting for about 50% of the construction period(Ye, H. J., & Shi, M. J., 2007. Self-climbing platform and aluminum formwork suppliers will affect the project in many aspects, such as safety, quality, and cost. What are the criteria for selecting high-quality aluminium formwork and self-climbing platform?

aluminium formwork self climbing platform supplier

1. Is it suitable to use an aluminum formwork system and self-climbing platform system in your project?

There are two requirements for using aluminium formwork. First, the shape and structure of the building are simple. However, some powerful aluminium formwork companies can also design aluminum formwork for complex shapes and structures.

GETO‘s project in Lotus Park View, India
Lotus Park View, India

Second, aluminium formwork is suitable for buildings with more than 20 typical floors and villas with the same structure. Because the aluminum formwork can be reused when there are many typical floors so as to save cost. In addition, the self-climbing platform also has its scope of application. The self-climbing platform is suitable for high-rise buildings, and it has incomparable safety advantages compared with other scaffolds. If aluminum formwork or a self-climbing platform is suitable for your project, you can consider how to choose aluminum formwork and self-climbing platform suppliers.

2. How about the quality and safety of the supplier’s products?

The aluminium formwork system is safe. Aluminium formwork forms a whole through pin and wedge, hollow section, tie rod or flat tie, wall bracket, and other aluminum formwork accessories and components, which are safe and stable. However, the quality of the self-climbing platform depends on the strength of suppliers. The quality issues of the self-climbing platform include whether the design of the frame structure is in line with the building, whether the frame structure has sufficient installation capacity and excellent reliability, the anti-collapse function, impact resistance, and fire resistance. Besides, whether the installation is easy and whether there is a correct control system is also one of the quality issues of the self-climbing platform.

self climbing platform

3. How about the design capability of the supplier?

Considering there are special structures in some projects, the standardization may not be so high. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the supplier can put forward an effective and cost-effective design scheme. For example, in the project of the podium and typical floors in a tower, an aluminium formwork company offered one set of aluminum formwork system that could be turnover and reused between non-typical floors and typical floors by the efforts of modifying the structural design of the project and enhancing the standardization level of aluminium formwork system set. As a result, GETO facilitated clients in saving construction material and labour costs.

4. Can the supplier supply goods on time?

In addition to the high-quality scheme, whether the supplier can supply goods on time also greatly affects the construction progress. The production capacity among suppliers is different. When negotiating with a supplier, you can tell the supplier the construction period and check whether the capacity of the supplier can meet the requirements. In addition to considering the production capacity, it is also necessary to consider the distance between the supplier and the construction site. If the supplier is from other countries, it is necessary to consider the import and export time.

5. Are the service of suppliers considerate?

Generally speaking, aluminum formwork is matched by digital technology, as a result, each aluminum formwork has a corresponding number. As long as the technical guidance is done well before assembly, the workers can successfully assemble the aluminum formwork. Therefore, the process of formwork assembly has low requirements for the workers’ experience. Moreover, we also need to note that aluminium formwork and self-climbing platform need to be used at the same time in some high-rise projects. If the aluminum formwork and self-climbing platform are used in the project at the same time, it may cause management problems, such as the conflict between the aluminum formwork and the self-climbing platform in the external wall and the problem of pre-buried hole position, which will hinder the construction progress. Some suppliers provide the integrated services of aluminium formwork and self-climbing platform, which can well solve the problems related to design, production, and technical terms in the process of the project on time. Professional after-sales service and professional technical guidance can effectively save time cost and communication costs. In a word, good after-sales service and professional technical guidance can effectively save time and communication costs.

6. Whether the comprehensive cost is optimal?

When selecting aluminum formwork manufacturers and self-climbing platform system suppliers, we are actually examining whether the comprehensive cost is optimal. When calculating the cost, we should not only look at the amount of the order but also consider the comprehensive cost, which includes material cost, management cost, time cost, and communication cost.


Ye, H. J., & Shi, M. J. (2007). Development Course and Prospect of Formwork. Shanxi Architecture, 33: 31.

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Published: July 30, 2022

Last published: July 17, 2022