Elevate Your Construction Efficiency with Our Aluminium Wall Formwork Solutions


Our company GETO Global Construction takes pride in providing innovative and efficient construction solutions. Our Aluminium Wall Formwork System is designed to streamline the construction process, reduce labor costs, and deliver high-quality results. With cutting-edge features and exceptional performance, our system is promoting the implementation of wall formwork in residential, commercial, and public construction projects.

1. Flat-Tie System for Enhanced Precision

Our Aluminium Wall Formwork incorporates a flat-tie system that ensures superior verticality control and precision adjustments. The system’s smaller gaps between raking shores allow for seamless adjustments, resulting in better casting outcomes and impeccable concrete wall verticality. Moreover, the embedded flat-ties eliminate the need for hole filling after dismantling, saving both time and costs, while guaranteeing excellent waterproof construction quality.

2. Tie-Rod System for Strength and Stability

We offer a tie-rod system as part of our Aluminium Wall Formwork, which includes tension tie-rods, walers, and raking shores. This integrated system ensures optimal strength, durability, and stability of the overall wall structure. The tie-rod reinforcement enhances the stability of the formwork, providing a reliable and robust foundation. While tie-rod holes may remain after dismantling, we provide effective waterproofing measures to address these positions.

3. Excellent Forming Effect and Concrete Quality

Our Aluminium Wall Formwork System features large single panels that minimize the need for patchwork during construction. This design ensures a seamless and visually appealing result, reducing the time and effort required for finishing work. The system’s high precision, bearing capacity, and stability contribute to exceptional concrete surface quality, meeting the most stringent standards.

4. Speed, Flexibility, and Safety

With a lightweight design, our Aluminium Wall Formwork System enables efficient transportation and assembly. Workers can easily carry and assemble the formwork without the need for heavy equipment, enhancing construction speed and flexibility. The system’s high strength and stability create a secure and safe working environment. Once assembled, the formwork forms a stable frame, providing peace of mind throughout the construction process.

5. Environmental Sustainability

At GETO Global Construction, we prioritize environmental responsibility. Our Aluminium Wall Formwork System boasts a long lifespan, with each unit capable of being used up to 200-300 times. This high utilization significantly reduces construction waste. Moreover, the recyclable nature of aluminium contributes to a greener and more sustainable construction industry.


GETO Global Construction’s Aluminium Wall Formwork System is transforming the construction field. With our flat-tie and tie-rod systems, we offer enhanced precision, strength, and stability. The system’s excellent forming effect, superior concrete quality, and construction speed make it the preferred choice for residential, commercial, and public projects. By choosing our Aluminium Wall Formwork System, you can elevate your construction efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve remarkable results.