Enhancing Construction Safety and Efficiency with GETO’s Self-Climbing Protection Platform


Cost-Effective and Time-Saving Installation

GETO Global Construction is proud to offer our innovative self-climbing protection platform system. With our electric chain-hoist technology, our system provides numerous benefits for construction projects, including cost savings and time efficiency. Unlike conventional scaffolding systems, our self-climbing platform requires only one-time installation for the entire construction process of a skyscraper. This not only saves valuable time but also significantly reduces costs, particularly for taller buildings where the economic benefits are even greater.

Safety and Functionality Integrated

Our self-climbing protection platform is designed with a firm steel structure, fully-integrated operational and safety equipment, and a low-rise installation concept for high-rise applications. The platform is equipped with fully-enclosed protection settings, ensuring professional precautions and safety on construction sites. At GETO, we prioritize safety, and our self-climbing platform is built to meet high safety standards. The integrated design of our self-climbing platform ensures that all necessary safety features are in place, providing a secure working environment for construction workers.

Intelligent Control System for Optimal Operation

GETO’s self-climbing protection platform is equipped with a microcomputer intelligent control system. This system optimizes the operation of each self-climbing frame within the platform, including lifting speed, weight loadings, and adherence to standardized design operations. The intelligent control system can automatically detect any overloading or underloading issues in any frame and provide alert signals for immediate safety actions. This proactive approach helps prevent potential dangers on-site and ensures the well-being of construction workers.

Simplified and Organized Appearance

In contrast to the complex appearance of conventional scaffolding systems, GETO’s self-climbing protection platform offers a simpler and more organized overall appearance. This contributes to a more effective, safer, and more civilized project impression. The streamlined design not only enhances aesthetics but also improves functionality by allowing for easier access and maneuverability on the platform.

Integrated Patented System for Enhanced Stability

GETO’s self-developed patented system is integrated into our self-climbing protection platform, offering a range of integrative functions such as bearing, anti-falling, anti-tilting, and stabilization. This unique system ensures enhanced stability and safety during construction operations. With our integrated patented system, construction projects can proceed with confidence, knowing that the self-climbing protection platform is designed to withstand various challenges and maintain stability throughout the construction process. The integrated functions provide additional layers of safety and protection, ensuring a secure working environment for construction workers.


The self-climbing protection platform developed by GETO Global Construction represents a significant innovation within the construction sector. With its one-time installation, cost-effectiveness, and time-saving benefits, it offers a superior alternative to conventional scaffolding systems. The integration of safety features, intelligent control systems, and a streamlined design further enhances its functionality and efficiency.

Choose GETO Global Construction’s self-climbing protection platform for your construction projects and experience the benefits of increased safety, efficiency, and cost savings. Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that we deliver high-quality solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Trust GETO to enhance construction safety and efficiency with our state-of-the-art self-climbing protection platform.