Self-climbing Platform

GETO’s electric chain-hoist self-climbing platform system has apparent benefits include:

(1) Only one-time installation needed for Integrated Self-Climbing Platform for whole construction use of a skyscraper. Its economic benefits are greater when it is applied to higher skyscrapers. Compared to conventional scaffolding system, applying GETO’s self-climbing platform system to skyscrapers can help our clients to save 30% – 50% in cost (noted with 60% lower cost for steel material usage, 40% lower cost for operational cost and 80% lower electricity consumption).

(2) Integrated Self-Climbing Platform consists of firm steel structure, fully-integrated operational and safety equipment, low-rise installation for high-rise application concept, and fully-enclosed protection settings, as for professional precautions guaranteed in sites.

(3) With microcomputer intelligent control system in place, Self-Climbing Platform can optimize the operation of each of every self-climbing frame in its system, in terms of lifting speed, weight loadings, height difference in adhere to standardized design operation. The intelligent control system can automatically detect any overloading or underloading issues present in any frame under its system, and offer alert signals for consequential safety actions be taken to prevent any relevant potential dangers in site.

(4) In contrast with the complicated appearance of conventional scaffolding system, the overall appearance of Integrated Self-Climbing Platform is much simpler and more organized, which can contribute to more effective, safer and more civilized project impression.

(5) GETO’s self-developed patented system integrated into this product offers integrative functions of bearing, anti-falling, anti-tilting and stabilize.