GETO Global Construction’s GETO Aluminium Formwork Solutions: Ensuring Construction Efficiency


Our company-GETO Global Construction is at the forefront of the construction industry innovation with our cutting-edge GETO Aluminium Formwork Solutions. Designed to streamline construction processes, these comprehensive formwork systems offer numerous advantages, including reduced construction periods and elimination of plastering requirements. With our products, the pouring construction of a single floor can be completed in just 3 to 5 days. Let’s explore the distinctive features and benefits of these innovative solutions.

GETO Aluminium Formwork System: Versatility and Precision

Our System comprises a combination of components such as flat-tie, hollow sections, aluminium formwork, and steel accessories. The flat-tie system, characterized by lighter accessories and smaller gaps between raking shores, allows for precise adjustments and optimal verticality control. This results in concrete walls with superior verticality. When the formwork system, embedded with flat-ties, is dismantled, there are no visible holes left in the concrete walls. This eliminates the need for costly hole filling, ensuring excellent waterproof construction quality.

Enhanced Strength and Stability with Tie-Rod System

For projects that require additional strength and stability, we also offer a tie-rod system. This system consists of tension tie-rods, walers, and raking shores, working together to ensure the overall wall body’s strength, durability, and stability. The tension tie-rod and waler reinforcement significantly enhance the stability of the wall body. However, special waterproofing measures are necessary for the tie-rod hole positions in the wall body after the tie-rod formwork system is dismantled.

Superior Construction Quality and Efficiency

Our System boasts large areas of single panels, minimizing the need for patchwork during construction. This seamless design yields visually appealing finishes while reducing the time and effort required for finishing work. The system’s high precision, bearing capacity, and stability contribute to exceptional concrete surface quality, meeting the highest standards.

Speed, Safety, and Environmental Friendliness

Our lightweight design enables efficient transportation and assembly. Workers can easily carry and assemble the formwork without the need for heavy equipment, thereby enhancing construction speed and flexibility. The system’s high strength and stability create a secure and safe working environment. Furthermore, the formwork systems have a long service life, with each unit capable of being used up to 200-300 times. This high utilization significantly reduces construction waste, while the recyclable nature of aluminium contributes to a greener and more sustainable construction industry.


GETO Global Construction’s GETO Aluminium Formwork Solutions have upgraded the construction industry by offering efficiency, precision, and sustainability. The versatile formwork systems, whether utilizing the flat-tie or tie-rod system, ensure remarkable construction quality and streamline the construction process. With the superior strength, speed, and environmental friendliness, GETO Aluminium Formwork Solutions are paving the way for optimized construction practices and sustainable development.