Self-Climbing Platform: Improving Construction Efficiency


In the realm of construction, efficiency and safety are paramount. To meet these demands, innovative solutions like self-climbing platform have emerged as game-changers. At GETO, we take immense pride in providing state-of-the-art construction technologies that enhance productivity and streamline processes. Our selfclimbing platform system is improving the industry, offering a seamless approach to high-rise construction projects.

GT18 SelfClimbing Platform: Redefining Construction Efficiency

As construction projects reach new heights, traditional scaffolding struggle to keep up with the pace. This is where GT18 self-climbing platform comes into play. By eliminating the need for manual dismantling and reassembling at each level, it dramatically increases construction speed and efficiency. The repetitive cycle of “set-form-pour-strip” becomes a thing of the past with our advanced self-climbing technology.

SelfClimbing External Protection Frame System Solution

Our GT18 self-climbing platform system stands as a technological innovation in the field of scaffolding. Designed primarily for high-rise buildings, this solution ensures enhanced safety and saves valuable human resources. With GETO self-climbing platform, you can focus on completing your project efficiently while maintaining the highest levels of worker safety.

 Formwork Support System Solutions

Formwork support systems play a crucial role in ensuring stability and solidity during construction. At GETO, our formwork support system provides a reliable foundation, enabling seamless workflow and precise execution. With our cutting-edge solutions, you can achieve optimal results without compromising on quality or efficiency.


In conclusion, GETO self-climbing platform system marks a paradigm shift in construction efficiency. By incorporating our state-of-the-art technology, construction processes become more efficient, cost-effective, and safe. Our comprehensive range of scaffolding solutions, including self-climbing external protection frame systems, formwork support systems, and work bracket solutions, ensures that every project’s unique requirements are met with precision.

As a leading brand, GETO is synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation. With our self-climbing platform system, we empower construction teams to overcome challenges and achieve greater productivity. Whether it’s a high-rise apartment complex, an office tower, or a hotel, GETO’s custom-made solutions and well-diversified product range make us the preferred choice for contractors worldwide.

Incorporating self-climbing platform into your construction process is a decision that will yield remarkable benefits. By saving time, reducing labor costs, and improving safety, GETO’s self-climbing formwork systems are paving the way for a new era in construction efficiency. Trust us as your partner in construction excellence and experience the transformative power of self-climbing platform today.


Published: Aug 8, 2023

Last published: Aug 7, 2023