Self-Climbing Platform Assures Skyscraper Builders’ Safety


Working at heights can be extremely hazardous, especially for the construction workers who are in charge of the construction of the skyscraper externals. Falls from height (FFH) have been a leading cause of fatal accidents among construction workers. Safety is always the top priority among project management teams in the construction industry. However, traditional buck scaffolding can’t protect the safety of construction workers. Modern scaffolding that can guarantee workers’ safety is urgently needed.

Any fatalities that happen in the construction sites recognized as highly risky will lead to significant economic loss by up to 15%. The affected construction project management team will bear a significant risk of lost project execution time because of the investigation of a construction accident. In addition, they need to increase more re-training for new hires and workers and deal with compensation for injury and death claims.

The failure of construction companies to maintain a well-safe management system in their organization is a major cause of accidents or falls from heights. This issue is common in the construction industry in multiple countries worldwide. Today’s project construction is obsessed with the speed of construction, which also increases the rate of safety negligence of workers on the site. At the same time, most accidents occur on working platforms or a framework scaffold. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a protective construction platform with high safety performance. 

Self-Climbing Platform —-One of GETO’S Core Product Systems

Acknowledging how detrimental are the hazardous effects of falling from heights, GETO, as a  high-quality aluminium formwork and self-climbing platform supplier, promotes the use of self-climbing platform system over the traditional scaffold system. The self-climbing platform is a technological innovation in the field of scaffolding, with features that provide greater safety against workers and objects falling from heights. Meanwhile, the self-climbing platform is equipped with a controlled synchronized climbing device, which requires only a single installation of the system at a low level. 

Modern Scaffolding

The self-climbing platform system is a perfect match for the aluminum formwork system in the construction of super high-rise building projects. Therefore, it is advisable for contractors to choose a supplier who can provide an integrated system of self-climbing platform and aluminum formwork system. So, How to Choose Aluminium Formwork and Self-Climbing Platform Supplier? GETO’s self-developed intelligent BIM system enables GETO’s design team to consider how the self-climbing platform and aluminum formwork for concrete should be designed to meet customized projects requirements proposed by clients and to avoid potential conflicts that may occur when the two systems are used on-site to ensure the project runs smoothly.

To date, GETO Malaysia has participated in multiple construction projects with aluminum formwork and self-climbing platform integrated into use. One of the featured projects that combine the use of both innovative systems is Agile Embassy Garden, a regionally renowned skyscraper project that adopts GETO’s 139 sets of self-climbing modules for the construction of concrete structures and architectural construction of its three towers.

Agile Embassy Garden Construction site
Agile Embassy Garden Construction site
Agile Embassy Garden
Agile Embassy Garden


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Published: Oct 17, 2022

Last published: Sep 30, 2022