What are the precautions for building a formwork installation?


There are many precautions for building a formwork installation. These precautions will be analyzed from the perspective of the cleanliness of the construction formwork, the pre-buried holes of the formwork, the formwork release agents, the splicing of the formwork, and the support force, which will largely affect the effect of the casting of concrete. In addition, if you choose aluminium formwork, these matters above will be easier.

1. The interior of the formwork shall be cleaned

Sundries left in the formwork will cause defects such as slag inclusion in the concrete. If the aluminum formwork is used, which can be recycled many times, some concrete blocks will stick to the aluminum formwork after repeated casting. If it is used without cleaning, the concrete after casting will become bumpy. Therefore, the residual concrete blocks on the aluminum formwork shall be removed in time.

2. Make preparations for embedded parts and pre-buried holes

When supporting the building formwork, the embedded parts and pre-buried holes on the building formwork shall be fixed at the same time. The embedded parts and pre-buried holes shall not be left, the dimensions shall meet the requirements, and the installation shall be firm. At the same time, different formworks have different ways of installing embedded parts and pre-buried holes. Wooden boxes are nailed on the floor slab for the construction of wooden formworks to pre-buried floor holes. However, this method is not feasible in the construction of aluminum formwork, and it is difficult to fix the casing or pre-buried hole model on the aluminum formwork. As the assembly of aluminum formwork is a programmed assembly, it is not allowed to open holes on the formwork at will. As a result, the pre-embedding of the wire box and the wire pipe must be planned and designed in advance, and the position and direction must be accurate. Therefore, when choosing aluminum formwork suppliers, we shall choose professional and high-quality suppliers, such as GETO, an aluminium formwork company that provides intelligent and customized design services and 24/7 site engineering services.

pre-buried wire box

3. Pay attention to the selection and use of formwork release agents

When selecting the formwork release agents, select the release agents that do not affect the structure and hinder the construction of decoration works. At the same time, since the formwork release agent may pollute the joints between the reinforcement and the concrete, it may have an obvious adverse effect on the mechanical performance of the concrete structure. As a result, it shall be avoided polluting the reinforcement during brushing. On the other hand, it is also necessary to brush a sufficient amount of formwork releasing agents. If the formwork release agents are not brushed enough, a large amount of concrete will stick to the formwork. It should be noted that the formwork release agents may be washed away after rain, so it must be ensured that the release agents are brushed in place before casting.

releasing agents

4. Panel joints need to be tight

If the joint of the building formwork is not tight, it will lead to the leakage of the concrete. The leakage of concrete will result in the honeycomb surface of the concrete appearance and directly affect the quality of the concrete. Therefore, no matter what materials of formwork are used, the joints shall be tight. It is worth noting that the aluminum formwork has few joints, high precision and good concrete surface effect after formwork removal. After the aluminum formwork is removed, the concrete surface quality is flat and smooth. There is no need to plaster, resulting in making construction more cost-effective.

formwork reinforcement

5. The floor shall have enough support force

For a multi-layer cast-in-place structure, the upper building formwork must be supported on the lower concrete slabs. There are three points for attention. First, the lower concrete floor shall have sufficient bearing capacity, and support shall be added if necessary. Second, the columns of the upper and lower supports shall be aligned. Third, the base plate shall be laid under the column of the support.

All in all, there are many complicated matters needing attention in building a formwork installation. Moreover, by choosing a good formwork supplier, we can avoid these unnecessary troubles to some extent. In order to choose a formwork supplier with high-quality services, we can refer to a good article called How to Choose Aluminium Formwork and Self-Climbing Platform Supplier?  written by GETO, a high-quality aluminium formwork company.


Published: Aug 30, 2022

Last published: Aug 17, 2022