Unlocking Construction Efficiency and Quality with Advanced Formwork Solutions by GETO


As the construction industry continues to evolve, it demands innovative solutions that can enhance efficiency and deliver superior quality. At GETO, we are proud to offer comprehensive formwork solutions that improve the way projects are executed.

GETO formwork

Formwork Solutions: Empowering Construction Excellence

Formwork Systems: Redefining Efficiency and Performance

GETO’s advanced formwork systems are designed to optimize construction processes and elevate project outcomes. When compared to traditional wood and steel formwork, our aluminum formwork system emerges as a game-changer. Its lightweight nature ensures easy handling and installation, reducing labor costs while increasing productivity. Furthermore, its waterproof properties guarantee durability, even in demanding environments.

Environmentally And Economically Friendly

A standout feature of GETO formwork systems is their reusability. Unlike conventional formwork, which has limited cycles of usage, our aluminum formwork can be utilized repeatedly, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice. Additionally, the efficient casting process produces high-quality results, minimizing rework and reducing material waste. By choosing our formwork systems, you not only save costs but also contribute to a sustainable future.

GETO: Fulfilling Diverse Customer Needs

Customer Groups: Our Expertise Across Industries

At GETO, we cater to a broad range of customer groups, including central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, private construction companies, building materials traders, and real estate developers. We understand the unique requirements of project leaders, procurement professionals, and middle and senior managers in these organizations. By providing tailored solutions, we ensure that our customers achieve optimal results for their projects.

The Core of the Business: Aluminum Formwork

While GETO offers a wide array of building construction products, our primary focus lies in promoting aluminum formwork. We firmly believe in its superior qualities and its transformative impact on construction projects. However, we also provide climbing frames, prefabricated PC components, and PPVC whole house prefabricated mold systems to cater to the diverse needs of our customers.


GETO stands as a trusted partner in the construction industry, offering advanced formwork solutions and comprehensive services. With our state-of-the-art formwork systems, construction professionals can unlock greater efficiency, enhanced quality, and substantial cost savings. As your one-stop destination for building materials, we customize solutions based on your project requirements, eliminating the complexity of coordinating multiple suppliers. From scheme design to project engineering guidance, GETO provides full-process technical support, ensuring successful project execution. Embrace innovation with GETO’s formwork solutions and witness unparalleled results in your construction endeavors.


Published: Jul 29, 2023

Last published: Jun 28, 2023