Upgrading Construction: Geto Global Construction’s Safe Aluminium Formwork Solutions for Shaft Construction


GETO Global Construction is at the forefront of innovation in the construction industry. Our Aluminium Formwork Solutions for shaft construction provide a safe, efficient, and technologically advanced system. By combining aluminium formwork with lifting and self-climbing platforms, working platforms, and optional motors, we offer a comprehensive solution that affects the way shafts are built. Let’s explore the unique features and competitive advantages of Geto Global Construction’s Aluminium Formwork Solutions for shaft construction.

Lifting Shaft Platform System: Streamlined and Mechanized

Our lifting shaft platform system offers a groundbreaking approach to shaft construction. With the ability to be lifted layer by layer using a tower crane, this system streamlines the construction process. By manually adjusting the corner screws, the entire system can be easily reset through contraction and enlargement motions. This integration of mechanization ensures a seamless and efficient construction process, eliminating the need for repetitive dismantlement and installation of conventional formwork systems. With Geto Global Construction’s lifting shaft platform system, builders can achieve greater productivity and precision in shaft construction.

Self-Climbing Shaft Platform System: Intelligent and Remote-Controlled

Taking innovation a step further, our self-climbing shaft platform system removes the requirement for a tower crane. Equipped with a self-climbing machine, this transformative product system enables layer-by-layer lifting without external assistance. Each corner formwork is fitted with a motor that automatically adjusts the corner screws, allowing for system reset through contraction and enlargement. The entire operation can be conveniently controlled using a remote control, making the construction process well-integrated, mechanical, and intelligent. Geto Global Construction’s self-climbing shaft platform system enhances efficiency, reduces reliance on external resources, and elevates construction practices to new heights.

Resolving Key Issues and Ensuring Quality

Geto Global Construction’s Aluminium Formwork Solutions effectively address several long-standing issues in shaft construction. By eliminating repetitive dismantlement and installation, our systems save time and reduce labor costs. The risk of formwork expansion, concrete leakage, and deformation is significantly minimized, ensuring a reliable and robust construction process. Additionally, size errors and vertical deviations are mitigated, resulting in precise and accurate shaft structures. Our solutions prioritize safety, quality, and efficiency, enabling construction professionals to achieve exceptional results while surpassing the limitations of conventional formwork systems.


Geto Global Construction’s safe Aluminium Formwork Solutions for shaft construction redefine industry standards and elevate construction practices. Through our lifting and self-climbing shaft platform systems, we offer streamlined, mechanized, and intelligent approaches to shaft construction. By resolving key issues and ensuring precision, our solutions empower construction professionals to achieve greater speed, efficiency, and quality. With Geto Global Construction’s Aluminium Formwork Solutions, builders can embark on shaft construction projects with confidence, knowing they have the cutting-edge technology and expertise to succeed in today’s dynamic construction landscape.