Infrastructure Solutions

GETO provides one-stop infrastructure solutions for bridge, tunnel, and hydraulic engineering.

Bridge Solutions

For bridge construction, there can be multiple solutions and corresponding products available.

Temporary road, Pile cap, Pier, Bent cap, Precast bridge components

Tunnel Solutions

GETO provides products and solutions for different shapes of tunnels.

Arched tunnel, Box tunnel, Circle tunnel, Prefabricated tunnel components

Hydraulic Engineering Solutions

For hydraulic engineering, GETO can provide customized solutions for different projects.

Climbing formwork for dam, Slip formwork for shaft, Climbing formwork for shaft

Fair-faced Concrete
Formwork System

A concrete process that uses the natural texture of concrete after molding as the finishing effect and does not do other external decoration.

Alu-framed plywood formwork system, Structural steel keel system formwork