Wall and Column Formwork Solutions

Flat-Tie Aluminium Alloy Wall and Column Formworks

For samll size column(less than 350mm), flat tie aluminium formwork system is recommend due to its flexibility.

Flat tie system and custom-made

Tie-Rod Aluminium Alloy Wall and Column Formworks

For big size column(over 350mm), it is advised to use tie rod aluminium formwork system for its better load bearing.

Tie rod system and custom-made

Single-Sided Wall Panel

It is catered for casting building structure that has strict waterproofing demand and unable to be strengthened by using tie-rod system, such as basement.

Custom-made and well-diversified

Aluminium-Framed Formwork

Aluminium framed-formwork is a system that responds to different customer needs and construction specifications for different projects.

Aluminium frame, custom-made and well-diversified