Meet the GETO Global Construction at the 135th Canton Fair 2024


The eagerly awaited 135th Canton Fair 2024 Spring is approaching, scheduled to be held from April 23rd to April 27th at the Guangzhou Canton Fair. As a global construction company, we are excited to announce our participation as an exhibitor and invite you to visit our booth. Geto will exhibit our aluminium formwork products, building construction products, and decoration materials.

Date: April 23rd to April 27th

Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex

Area: B Area

Hall: 13.1 Hall

Booth: D09-10

Global Construction Company

You can Get High-Quality Building Construction at 2024 Canton Fair

As a global construction company, we are dedicated to transforming the construction industry through our innovative and high-quality products. At the Guangzhou Canton Fair 2024, we are proud to showcase our latest innovations tailored to enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability in construction projects worldwide. Let’s explore the building services that we offer.

Aluminium Formwork

The Geto aluminium formwork system is ideal for constructing both civil buildings and part of the structures of public construction. Our aluminium formwork construction guarantees high-quality aluminum formwork with precise measurements and a significant load-bearing capacity. This not only reduces construction costs but also speeds up construction progress and enhances safety. It is also one of the essential products we will display to our customers at this Canton Fair 2024.

Protection Screen

Our protection screen is an innovative safety device attached to structures (floors, beams, or walls) and lifted using a tower crane or hydraulic system. The GETO building product is specifically designed to fulfill peripheral protection needs for high-rise and super-high-rise buildings. GETO protection screen can withstand a maximum wind load of 9 levels without extra reinforcement. Its components have strong universality for easy management, making them an indispensable safety protection measure for building construction.

Building Materials for Structural Construction

Our construction materials are designed to meet stringent structural standards and include various products such as aluminium sheets, aluminium coils, aluminium beam formwork, and formwork support frames. Welcome to the Canton Fair 2024 exhibition hall to have an in-depth discussion with us about the building materials you need.

PPVC Precast Housing Mold

Automated Production and High Efficiency for Precast Concrete Structure. It reduces labor-intensive work and improves safety at the construction site.

Quick-Deck System

Our quick-deck formwork is easy and compatible with other formwork systems and fast construction for beamless and large-area deck structures. Its fast assembly and disassembly are facilitated by adjusting the height of the adjustable props under the deck formwork, which are raised for tightening and installation.

Single-Side Wall Framework

This innovative framework is specifically designed for wall construction, catering to buildings with strict waterproofing requirements, such as the railway station and the external wall of the basement.

Single-Side Wall Framework

Table Formwork

Our table formwork ensures fast overall installation, exceptional work efficiency and a high material reusability rate. It is suitable for beamless floor structures with large bays, large depths, and no column caps.

Shaft Platform

Our lifting shaft platform system is an easy and fast overall installation for shaft projects. It can be lifted layer by layer with a tower crane in place. The entire system can be reset by contracting and expanding, providing a holistic and mechanized approach to lift shaft construction.

GT-48 Lightweight Industrial Formwork System

GT-48 lightweight industrial formwork system adopts the design of common support for beams and slabs and integrates with the aluminium formwork system, expanding the scope of aluminium formwork applications. The system has comprehensive advantages such as a high degree of standardization, reusability, quick turnover, excellent forming quality, and environmental friendliness.

If you are still interested or have questions about GETO products, we will be happy to answer them face-to-face at the 2024 Guangzhou Canton Fair. We will demonstrate our position as a global construction company and showcase our products through videos, brochures, and product displays. This is a great opportunity for you to explore our innovative solutions closely. At the 2024 Canton Fair, you can consult with our professional team on building construction-related matters, and we will provide you with professional answers.

Sincerely Invite You to Attend the Canton Fair

At the Canton Fair 2024, you can get a closer look at our achievements in construction. Feel free to tell us what you need at the canton fair, and we will provide you with solutions. Suppose you want to know about new green, new-type building aluminum formwork, self-climbing platforms, assembly PC components, and other construction products. In that case, GETO will provide you with more information at the exhibition. We have also developed PPVC precast housing molds, quick-deck systems, single-side wall frameworks, table formwork, shaft platforms, and other building materials for structural construction. Our business operations extend to civil and public construction sectors in Malaysia and Singapore, among others.

As the Canton Fair Spring 2024 approaches, we cordially invite you to visit our booth at D09-10, Hall 13.1, Area B. See firsthand how our global construction company is shaping the industry and enhancing construction projects worldwide. We are excited to meet you there!