PPVC Housing Precast Formwork System Solutions

By fabricating complete building modules in controlled factory environments, PPVC Housing Precast Formwork System eliminates the traditional on-site construction hassles, streamlining the building process significantly. PPVC construction is an innovative construction technique that harnesses the power of prefabrication and off-site assembly.

GETO PPVC systems follow the green building trend, using PPVC methods in line with eco-conscious principles. Our PPVC housing precast formwork solutions are at the forefront of sustainable construction. Moreover, one-time casting and molding can shorten the construction period and increase overall efficiency.

PPVC house precast formwork systems can be applied in high-rise buildings, providing corresponding PPVC moulds to shorten the construction period.

PPVC Precast Housing Molds

PPVC precast housing molds realize the whole prefabricated room through one-time casting and molding. And the PPVC construction provided by GETO has a good molding effect, which greatly reduces the strength of manual construction. This innovation can effectively increase the working efficiency on site and minimize construction labor costs.

Safe & Green Environment
Automated Manufacturing

Precast Concrete Components

In line with the trend of green building, GETO focuses on the research, development, and design upgrade of assembly PC components. Construction efficiency can be effectively improved through intelligently produced PC components, and the assembled PC components produced by GETO can be applied in many fields.

High Construction Efficiency
Environmental Protection
Reduce Human Labor