GETO Malaysia Implements QR Code Scanner

The QR code scanner has been implemented in GETO China for many years, and recently introduced into GETO Malaysia in February 2023.

The function of the code scanner can increase the speed of customers returning panels, which also greatly improves the efficiency of labor services. Compared with the previous traditional method which is one-by-one counting of panels, it is indeed much faster. This also greatly reduces the error rate when counting panels. In addition, the paperless formwork management method is more in line with the green construction concept.

Every single panels no matter big or small produce by GETO will comes together with the QR code. The QR code will stick on the surface of panels, labor just need to scan the QR code with the scanning code gun, The data will automatically enter into the data base.

GETO Malaysia Case

For the GETO construction project Serenia City, located at Sepang, we have adopted the QR code scanner in managing the materials. The Customer delivers the panels from the site back to our factory. Before returning to the factory, GETO assigns a supervisor to do the packing stuff. The supervisor scans the QR code that pasted on the panel with the GETO code scanner. Workers will pack the panels accordingly after the supervisor scans the panels.

This technology will greatly improve the work efficiency and effectiveness of managing construction materials. In contrast, some other suppliers still use the traditional method of remarking one by one with pen and paper, which requires more manpower and is less efficient. This technolgy shows that GETO put much effort into research and development. We provide excellent service to customers and make both of the parties work easier with our technology development.


Published: Jun 17, 2023

Last published: May 31, 2023

The 133rd Canton Fair: Provide Global Buyers with One-Stop Solution for Building Materials

On the 15th of this month, the 133rd Canton Fair was grandly opened in Guangzhou. As one of the aluminum formwork leading enterprises in China, GETO Group participated in the exhibition with a number of products!

The 133rd Canton Fair is the largest in history, both in terms of total exhibition area and number of exhibitors. There were about 35,000 offline exhibition enterprises, with more than 9,000 new exhibitors, and nearly 40,000 online exhibition enterprises uploading more than 3 million pieces of exhibits. The Canton Fair has attracted about 35,000 enterprises and buyers from over 200 countries and regions to participate offline. According to statistics, 370,000 visitors attended on the opening day.

At the fair, we presented its self-produced GETO aluminium formwork with panels, staircases, columns, and other aluminium accessories, providing visitors with a better understanding of our products in a vivid and comprehensive combination form. In addition, we also displayed formwork materials and buildings construction products, such as ringlock scaffolding system, hardware tools, plastic formwork, PVC pipes, couplers and etc. With our marketing team’s communication and presentation, the products were clearly understood and widely praised by exhibitors and agents.

As a one-stop solution provider of building materials, GETO China has been actively participating in the Canton Fair since its establishment 10 years ago. We have always attached importance to each Canton Fair. GETO always adheres to the customer-oriented concept and constantly develops and upgrades our products, sparing no efforts to provide high-quality products, services, and solutions to the customers.

Exhibition significance

The gathering of thousands of businesses reflects the accelerating release of economic vitality in China. GETO, as one of the leading aluminum formwork enterprises in China, shares the dividends of the Chinese market and promotes the common prosperity and development of the world economy in the same direction with its large scale, the most complete variety of products, and good molding effect.

Chinese manufacturing is moving up the global value chain

At the fair, the number of exhibitors reached a record high, including individual champions in manufacturing and state-level high-tech enterprises. Chinese manufacturing is moving toward the middle-and high-end of the global value chain.

GETO’s Vision

As the global epidemic gradually eases and the global economy recovers, the international and domestic market demand will further expand. With the sincere “win-win” cooperation concept, GETO will contribute to promoting Chinese aluminum formwork system construction technology and excellent products from China to the world.


Published: Apr 30, 2023

Last published: Apr 17, 2023

Advantages of GETO’s Calculation & Modification Reuse Panel Services

Aluminium Formwork System

GETO continuously upgrades product service, especially for calculation & modification reuse panels. To fully utilized typical formwork panels & retain formwork panel system design features in exact accordance with the architect’s and engineer’s design.


  • Using GETO – BIM System

Our professional team designs a higher rate of standard aluminum formwork panels & versatility on the next project, utilization of used formwork panels is high.

  • Cost efficient

The efficiency of intelligent panel matching is higher, the panel matching time is reduced by more than 50%, and the delivery time is shortened which greatly reduces the frequency of non-site changes, saving time and labor costs for the contractor.

GETO provide services for existing customer with a feature of the high overall value that could refurbish, flip and reuse repeatedly. Also, improving the utilization rate of the existing panel for the next project, effectively reduce the cost.


GETO has provided aluminium formwork system to a customer who is in Bandar Bukit Raja, Malaysia. Through our GETO – BIM System, the formwork setting & installation is simplified, and easy to rectify if there is any error. Not just only projected construction area can be divided part by part or zoning, and calculated reused panels from the intermediate unit to the corner & end unit. Which improve work efficiency compared to conventional modulation system.


Published: Apr 17, 2023

Last published: Mar 30, 2023

GETO Held Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Headquarters Project

On the morning of March 23, GETO Group grandly held a groundbreaking ceremony for its Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Headquarters Project Phase II. GETO New Material is mainly engaged in green new-type building aluminium formwork system, self-climbing platform, and assembly PC components. Our business segments cover the fields of civil and public construction. At present, we have established more than 10 production bases around the world, and our products sell well in more than 30 countries and regions.

geto china
geto china
geto china
geto china
geto china
geto china
geto china
geto china


Published: Mar 30, 2023

Last published: Mar 17, 2023

Efficient Way of Managing Construction Materials


GETO continuously upgrades our built-in Information Technology System that covers both ERP system and CRM system. Backed up by advanced information technology in place, GETO has realized modernized, integrated, and standardized information flow management. Meanwhile, GETO can offer custom-made information system services, including an ERP warehousing system for our clients upon payment done.

GETO will put the QR code sticker with the information such as the tower details and the location of the materials that shall be used. Like 250 FEW 2400 is the panel specification or B-w8-21 is represented the location of the panel. A scanner device shall be used during the material is ready to pack and GETO will scan all the stickers on the material to make sure there is no material missing before packing and avoid insufficient material on site.

GETO Aluminum Formwork Rental Case

GETO has provided the aluminium formwork system leasing service to a customer where One City Residence in Penang, Malaysia. GETO assigned the supervisor to use the scanner while returning the aluminium formwork at the construction site to ensure that the material is returned and it can help to identify which materials were lost. It also helps customer to save time on returning the aluminium formwork system while the leasing period is ended. Compared to some other traditional suppliers in the market who would do the record by handwriting, GETO is more efficient and time-saving.


Published: Mar 17, 2023

Last published: Feb 28, 2023

6 Advantages of GETO Hydraulic Self-climbing Formwork

GETO Hydraulic self-climbing formwork is the optimal solution for the cores of super high-rise buildings (over 150 meters), including both concrete core walls and frame structure cores, as well as for shear walls.

It is made up of formwork panels, a climbing mechanism, a working platform, hydraulic jacks, and a power unit. The formwork panels are used to create the shape of the concrete structure, and the climbing mechanism, which is powered by hydraulic jacks and a power unit, allows the formwork to be raised or lowered vertically as the structure is being built. The formwork panels are typically made from materials such as wood, steel, or aluminum. The hydraulic system is powered by a motor and uses hydraulic cylinders to move the formwork up and down the structure.

As the formwork system climbs up the building, the workers install new formwork on the next level and pour concrete into the formwork. Once the concrete has hardened, the formwork is removed and the process begins again. The hydraulic system ensures that the formwork system remains stable and level as it climbs, which helps to ensure the quality and safety of the construction process. The working platform provides a safe and secure area for workers to carry out their tasks at high elevations, which can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on the job site.

GETO Hydraulic self-climbing formwork
GETO Hydraulic self-climbing formwork


The system’s obvious advantages have been verified in plenty of projects both at home and abroad:

  • Improved efficiency: One of the key advantages of hydraulic self-climbing formwork is that it can significantly improve construction efficiency. This is because the formwork can be quickly and easily moved up the building as the construction progresses, without the need for workers to manually dismantle and reassemble the formwork each time.
  • Increased safety: The system eliminates the need for workers to manually climb up and down scaffolding or ladders, thus it can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on the job site. 
  • Greater flexibility: Hydraulic self-climbing formwork is highly versatile and can be used to construct a wide range of different concrete structures. It can be easily adapted to different shapes, sizes, and designs, allowing for greater flexibility in construction.
  • Enhanced precision: The hydraulic system used in self-climbing formwork allows for greater precision in construction. The formwork can be adjusted and leveled with greater accuracy, which can result in a more precise and uniform finished product.
  • Reduced labor costs: Since the system eliminates the need for workers to manually dismantle and reassemble the formwork for each pour, it can significantly reduce labor costs. This can make the construction process more cost-effective overall.
  • Faster construction: This system can help to speed up the construction process since the formwork can be moved up the building quickly and easily. This can result in a faster construction timeline and a quicker return on investment for the project.

Not only in super high-rise buildings, but GETO hydraulic self-climbing formwork system is also widely used in the construction of bridges, dams, and other large infrastructure projects.

More specifically, GETO hydraulic self-climbing formwork is suitable for projects that require a fast and efficient construction process, as the system is designed to be quickly erected, dismantled, and moved to the next location. This makes it an excellent choice for projects with tight construction schedules, where time and labor costs are critical factors.

If you want to further inquire about the GETO formwork price list, please feel free to contact us!


Published: Feb 17, 2023

Last published: Jan 30, 2023

GETO International Annual Excellent Projects-2022

In the year of 2022, GETO, the “1+N” one-stop solution provider, has worked with international clients to create a series of excellent construction projects. We selected 12 of the most representative projects, let us take you to enjoy the charm of green and smart buildings.

1. Bika Place, HongKong, China

The project is a 26-storey high-rise project in a prime location in Hung Hom, Kowloon, a masterpiece of large-scale integrated urban redevelopment.

Considering the high cost of labor resources in Hong Kong, GETO provides formwork solutions to improve construction efficiency and save labor costs.

Project highlights:

① Use the lightweight aluminium formwork, which is easy for construction team to assemble and disassemble the formwork system.

② Adopt the lifting shaft platform system. In the construction process, the lifting shaft platform system of the elevator shaft can be lifted layer by layer by tower crane, and can be retractable and reset, which made the construction of the elevator shaft become integrally and mechanically.

鋁 模項目
Bika Place, HongKong, China

2. T1210 Villa, Kuwait

The T1210 Villa project is a large-scale housing construction project built by the local Housing Welfare Department, covering a total area of 628,000 square meters.

The traditional local construction habit is to use timber formwork.This project is the first introduction of aluminium formwork technology in the local housing construction field. GETO’s high-quality products and professional services have been highly praised by customers, and GETO also promoted the development of aluminium formwork construction technology in the housing construction market in this region.

Project highlights:

① GETO provides the design and construction scheme to maximize the utilization rate of aluminium formwork, including the mutual turnover of the different formwork sets and the mutual utilization of the mirror house type’s formwork;

② In the early stage of the project, in order to cooperate with the project approval of customers, GETO provides pre-design service for customers, and improves the design scheme by referring to the local architectural design code, so as to help customers get the approval smoothly.

aluminum formwork construction
T1210 Villa, Kuwait

3. North Gaia, Singapore

The project consists of 11 buildings are constituted by 2,444 prefabricated modules in 91 structural types.

Project highlights:

① Considering the characteristics of the prefabricated unit in this project, which is used more times and has a variety of prefabricated unit structures, GETO and its partners jointly developed an automated and intelligent PPVC PRECAST HOUSING MOLDS, and made a detailed turnover plan and scheme of the formwork for the customer. Finally, client only used 35 sets of automatic PPVC PRECAST HOUSING MOLDS, 17 sets of non-automatic PPVC PRECAST HOUSING MOLDS and a small group of construction teams to complete the main structure construction of this gorgeous property!

② PPVC construction technology reduce the labor demand and labor cost of the construction site to the greatest extent, the high construction efficiency and convenient concrete pouring way obtain the customer’s praise!

Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction
North Gaia, Singapore

4. San Ying MRT, Taiwan, China

San Ying Rapid Transit Station is a new rapid transit station planned and constructed by the Taiwan Government of China. This project is a special structure of the subway station, with a total of 8 floors and a large number of changes in each floor. Our company provides our customers with the aluminium formwork design scheme that maximizes the re-utilization of the old formwork and reduces the material cost of purchasing aluminium formwork for our customer.

Project highlights:

① Re-utilize the aluminium formwork of standard floor maximally to the rest of the changing floors;

② GETO’s design team spent 5 months in numbering the aluminium formworks one by one to solve the problem that the construction workers of the client had difficulty in finding the turnover of the old formworks during the construction process.

For the project with special structure and many changing floors, our company finally provided the perfect design solution, which was highly recognized by the customer!

鋁 模板
San Ying MRT, Taiwan, China

5. El Alamein Ultra-High Complex D01M, Egypt

Egypt’s El Alamein Ultra-High Complex project D01M is an important strategic urban core building in the Egyptian government’s Vision 2030 plan and another typical example of China-Egypt cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

Project highlights:

① The project is a special shape structure, and there are arc-shaped floating plates with odd and even changes outside and the area is reduced layer by layer.

② The top panel of the project is prestressed panel, and the prestressed panel exists in a conflict between the prestressed system and the formwork system of GETO. At the same time, the customer requires to use their own ringlock scaffolding system in combination with the aluminium formwork of GETO. In response to the project situation, GETO provided a design scheme with a combination of aluminium formwork and timber formwork. The scheme was also highly praised by the customer!

El Alamein Ultra-High Complex D02M, Egypt
El Alamein Ultra-High Complex D01M, Egypt

6. Urban Village II, Southeast Asia

Urban Village, a super high-rise residential project with more than 50 floors, is a new landmark of this country’s capital, and a large community where local new culture is most popular.
Project highlights:
① Spent 1 year in structural construction drawings docking communication, assist customers to solve the defects of the preliminary project construction drawings;
② GETO provides a design scheme which let two standard floors to share a set of aluminium formwork, re-utilize the changing floor formwork to the standard floor formwork, maximize the usage of formwork, to help customers save material costs.
③ This project has a duplex building structure, and the hollow floor in the structure is a big difficulty. GETO tailor-made a set of aluminium formwork support reinforcement scheme for the hollow floor for the customer.
④ The project finally completed the re-utilization of more than 10 floors of changing floors , achieve the maximum value of the usage of the aluminium formwork.

housing projects in Southeast Asia
Urban Village II, Southeast Asia

7. D’ Vine, Malaysia

Occupy an area of 65 acres, D ‘Vine, the Malaysia’s 52-storey super high-rise apartment, is an affordable serviced apartment in a township mixed development in Kuala Lumpur.
Project highlights:
① The structure of the podium and the tower of the project is very different, and the storey height is not the same. Through the optimization of the building structure, GETO improves the standardization rate of the formwork, so that the standard and non-standard floors in the same building can use the same set of formwork system.
② In the turnover design of podium formwork, GETO provides aluminium-timber combination and formwork reinforcement scheme to help customers save materials and construction costs, and solve the pain point of high cost of non-standard formwork.
③ Aluminium formwork is used for the construction of a full set of structural buildings in the podium building, including the horizontal structure and column cap parts which are not commonly used aluminium formwork, and better pouring and forming effect was achieved.

D’ Vine, Malaysia
D’ Vine, Malaysia

8. New City Public housing in Section B10, Zone A, Macao, China

The public housing is located at Lot B10, Zone A of Macao New City, covering an area of 6,831 square meters. The main uses include residential, public parking, commercial and public facilities. It is a social welfare housing.
Project highlights:
① Introduce advanced design ideas from other regions in the international market, actively communicate and cooperate with customers to overcome regional differences in technical specifications and construction habits;
② GETO uses the self-developed “BIM Industrial Design Software — Xiaozhi” to help customers with accurate formwork modulation. The technical advantages of automatic formwork modulation, correction and design, enable the aluminium formwork system of GETO to achieve ultra-high design quality without physical trial assembly.

New City Public housing in Section B10, Zone A, Macao, China
New City Public housing in Section B10, Zone A, Macao, China

9. Zuoying Xinglong Social housing, Taiwan, China

The large residential project is a public tender of the Kaohsiung City government, a major focus of the housing and urban renewal Center in Taiwan, China.
Project highlights:
① The standardization rate of the formwork of this project reaches 85%, which greatly improves the construction efficiency and facilitates the mutual re-utilization between different block’s formwork.
② For the special points in the project, GETO helps customers to carry out special optimization and treatment: The installation of edge protective net enhances the security of formwork installation; The window sills are sloped to improve the water resistance of the house as a whole.

系統 模板
Zuoying Xinglong Social housing, Taiwan, China

10. DTSS2-T11 Public drainage tunnel shaft, Singapore

Conceived by PUB as a cost-effective and sustainable solution to meet Singapore’s long-term needs for sewerage collection, treatment, recycling and disposal, the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS) is a signature public project of the Singapore Government. We were very fortunate to be involved in the DTSS2-T11 project as a supplier of shaft formwork and construction platforms.
Project highlights:
① The construction site of the project is under the shaft platform in the tunnel, and the construction space is too small to use large machinery. In order to solve the difficulty, the R&D team of GETO adopts the suspension construction scheme, installs the attached self-climbing system on the shaft platform, and realizes automatic climbing of mechanized equipment, reduces labor, improves construction efficiency, and solves the problem of narrow construction space.
② This project involves a large shaped circular steel formwork with an inner diameter of 13.5m, which is different from the general steel formwork reinforcement. GETO use the reinforced channel steel to make the steel formwork more firm and the forming effect better. At the same time, the large-shaped circular steel formwork manufacturing is also a major innovation breakthrough of GETO’s production technology.
③ The shaft construction platform is equipped with sensors and stoppers, and intelligent electronic control is adopted to ensure the stability of the frame structure and safe lifting.
④ Customized scheme design according to customer requirements: redesigned the special-shaped walkway plate, adjusted the height of the construction platform, and optimized the shaft platform model according to the force calculation.

DTSS2-T11 Public drainage tunnel shaft
DTSS2-T11 Public drainage tunnel shaft, Singapore

11. Proyecto Vermare y Uvero Alto Hotel, Americas

This project is a serviced residential apartment project with a building area of 3,367 square meters, which is a typical hotel apartment in the area.
This is the first time for the client to use GETO’s aluminium formwork products for a hotel project. GETO is able to provide customized products and service solutions for different international markets.
Project highlights:
① The project is a complex re-utilization project, re-utilize another different structural type hotel’s formwork in this project. GETO carefully provides economic and technical solutions for aluminium formwork system, which not only saves cost for customers, but also meets the requirements of customers’ on-site construction.
② In combination with local design specifications and local construction habits, GETO has optimized the formwork structure for many times to meet customer needs.

geto aluminum formwork
Proyecto Vermare y Uvero Alto Hotel, Americas

12. IBN Highlands City, Malaysia

IBN Highlands City is a multi-billion dollar landmark commercial project in Malaysia. It is located in the Genting Plateau, the largest summer resort in Asia. The project combines serviced apartments, a business district and a five-star hotel.

Project highlights:

① The project has great floor height, many changing floors with special and complex structures; including round columns, arc-shaped beams, decks with special angles, etc, special-shaped formwork accounted for more than 50%.

② GETO uses self-developed intelligent formwork modulation software to design and optimize the structure of the project’s formwork. Before the formwork delivery to the construction site, it has carried out several intelligent assembly tests in factory, which helps the project finally realize zero defects!

IBN Highlands City, Malaysia
IBN Highlands City, Malaysia


Published: Jan 30, 2023

Last published: Jan 17, 2023

Re-utilization Project in Taiwan, China

Project Information

This is the first formwork re-utilization project in Taiwan, China, which means most of the formwork are re-used from previous projects, with only a small portion to be provided additionally.

Such projects require substantial collaboration with customers, high accuracy in formwork re-design, and foresight of possible difficulties and counter plans. Limited time makes it even more challenging.

With close collaboration between both parties and construction work nicely orchestrated by our customer, the project is progressing well on schedule with quality outcome.

Project in Taiwan, China
Project in Taiwan, China

GETO’ s Solution

However, the consideration of formwork reuse does not merely start from the beginning of this project. Instead, it starts at the very beginning of the time. At the very beginning of the first project, the GETO design team communicates with the customer in detail about floor height, and structural features, also with an eye on all other projects in the customer’s project pipeline. This is to determine a versatile principle of formwork modulation for those projects, with a certain standardization rate that is mutually agreed upon. In the case of this customer, the standardization rate is set at more than 80%.

When the project is finished, the used formwork and aluminum formwork accessories are properly cleaned and stocked following GETO relevant guideline.

Re-utilization of GETO Aluminium Formwork

When it comes to a new project, in which the formwork is to be re-used, a detailed formwork list and zone-wise packing instructions will be given. It clearly tells what panels and aluminium formwork accessories shall be re-utilized, and specifies they are to be used in which room/zone. In this way, site workers don’t have to spend extra time searching for the right formwork piece. This is how a smooth and well-organized re-utilization of aluminum formwork can take place.

At GETO, we care more about how our customers could make the right investment, not only through providing reliable and quality products; but also by helping them activate their formwork stock to achieve the best value in utilization in the long term. GETO prides ourselves on our positioning as a trusted partner instead of a formwork vendor.

Aluminum formwork on-site
Aluminum formwork on construction site in Taiwan, China
Adjustment and Installation of top panels
Adjustment and Installation of top panels


Published: Dec 30, 2022

Last published: Dec 17, 2022

GETO Aluminium Beam Type Single-Side Wall Framework in MRT Station Construction

As we all know, transport is of great importance to both social and economic development. In Taiwan, China, new MRT stations are being built for the public’s benefit and convenience. GETO is proud to have been involved in one of these projects supplying construction materials. We supplied aluminium beam formwork, aluminium wall formwork, aluminium deck formwork, and aluminium column formworksingle-side formwork is also included.

Project Difficult Point

When it comes to retaining walls, we usually use large triangular trusses to build them. However, the large triangular trusses are so large and heavy that they must be lifted and moved by crane and cannot be installed by manpower only. A bar implant solution is relatively light but requires more pre-set operations. The client gave us their ideas, wanting to be able to install it manually without using the crane, not a tie rod embedding plan, and to use aluminium formwork for the construction. Our international R&D team finally provided an Aluminium Beam Type Single-Side Wall Framework solution, which not only meets the customer’s requirements for manual operation and less implant as mentioned above but also increases the turnover utilization rate of each component, as aluminium beams and props components can be used in other floors and structures after the retaining walls are done.

Aluminium Beam Type Single-Side Wall Framework
Aluminium Beam Type Single-Side Wall Framework

Aluminium Beam Type Single-Side Wall Framework Installation Flow

  1. Cast the base plate and embed the anchor bolts at corresponding positions.
  2. Install wall panel and aluminium beam. Apply mold release agent before wall panel installation. Temporarily use the steel pipe to fix the framework during the setup.
  3. Install connecting components between the main beam and horizontal beam, as well as the base horizontal beam.
  4. Install the horizontal beam and corner steel base of the base horizontal beam.
  5. Install single props and horizontal rods.
  6. Adjust the straightness of the framework. Cast concrete after the embedded aluminium formwork components are fully-tightened.

GETO Aluminium Beam Type Single-Side Wall Framework Advantages

  • The framework has a lighter weight. Its weight is only 60% of the weight of the triangular truss single-side framework;
  • High reuse rate of material, with part of the product materials, can be turned over to other; construction sites for use;
  • Lower material cost;
  • Aluminium components have higher scrap values;
  • Fewer construction workers work and safer operation;
  • Compliant with environmental-friendly building requirements.

Customer Feedback

Thanks to the joint efforts of the client and us, the formwork was installed with a high degree of completion and the finish was quite satisfactory. The customer has actively provided us with feedback on the use of the product on-site, which has helped us to continue to optimize the product and meet the requirements of the site. In addition, Single-Side Wall Framework can be used for wind energy farm construction.

GETO also provides a Triangular Truss Type Single-Side Wall Framework. Two types of single-side wall formwork each has its advantages with aluminum beam type single-side support formwork.

Triangular Truss Type Single-Side Wall Framework
Triangular Truss Type Single-Side Wall Framework


Published: Nov 30, 2022

Last published: Nov 17, 2022

A Redevelopment Masterpiece In HongKong

1. Project Introduction

The BAKER CIRCLE.DOVER project is a 26-story high-rise residential project. Located in Kowloon’s prime location of Hung Hom, “BAKER CIRCLE” spans a total commercial and residential floor area of over 1,000,000 sq. ft.2, standing as a large-scale comprehensive urban redevelopment masterpiece that is rarely seen in the past 30 years. The project uses GETO combined aluminum formwork and precast concrete(PC) components for integrated construction, helping the Hong Kong construction industry to transform and upgrade to industrialization, intelligence, and green.

Combined use of aluminum formwork and precast concrete(PC) components
Combined use of aluminum formwork and precast concrete(PC)components
aluminum formwork and precast concrete(PC) components
Combined use of aluminum formwork and precast concrete(PC)components

Linked up with several major roads, this redevelopment incorporated its own brand-new 3-dimensional shopping streets, created with concepts of sustainable environment, world-class architectural and design aesthetics, cutting-edge smart living gadgets, and a wealth of innovative clubhouse facilities. “BAKER CIRCLE”1 is set to redefine the ideal contemporary lifestyle.


2. The advantages of aluminum formwork

  • Shorten the construction period

The project is equipped with four sets of steel supports (five sets of the cantilever), and the construction speed of the workers on the construction site can reach four days per floor. Compared with traditional formwork, the project construction period is greatly reduced and great value is created for customers.

  • Save labor costs

The average daily wages of construction workers in Hong Kong are extremely high. GETO provides professional guidance on installation services to improve the efficiency of aluminum formwork installation for on-site personnel. It also shortens the construction period, which can significantly reduce the labor cost of workers. 

  • Use repeatedly and lower use cost

The turnover of aluminum formwork in this project is more than 20 times, and the construction of all standard layers can be completed by using one set of aluminum mold, with a low average cost of use.

  • Lightweight aluminum formwork

The aluminum alloy formwork system with an average weight of 25KG/㎡is simple and convenient to assemble. It is completely assembled by hand and does not require the assistance of any mechanical equipment. Workers usually only need a small hook and a small hammer for construction, which is convenient and fast. Skilled installers can install 20-30 square meters per person per day. Compared with wooden formwork, the advantages of aluminum formwork are more obvious. Aluminum formwork installers only need 70-80% of wooden formwork installers, and there is no need for skilled workers, as long as simple training is given to the construction workers before installation.

  • Good stability and high bearing capacity

After the aluminium formwork system is assembled, it forms a whole framework with good stability. With the reasonable arrangement of load-bearing pillars, the bearing capacity can reach 30KN per square meter.

  • Good concrete surface

After concrete casting and removing the formwork, the surface of the concrete is smooth and clean, which can meet the requirements of finishing and fair-faced concrete without plastering and can save plastering costs.

  • Environmental protection, energy conservation,and emission reduction

The aluminum mold uses renewable materials, which can effectively help energy conservation and emission reduction. It is a green building material. At the same time, the project’s prefabricated laminate panelsand prefabricated stairs reduce the generation of construction waste on the site.

3. GETO Shaft Platform

The project also used the GETO Shaft Platform and successfully helped solve the pain points of the customer and improve construction efficiency. The lifting shaft platform system can be lifted layer by layer through a tower crane. The whole system can be reset by contraction and expansion, which makes the construction of the lift shaft holistic and mechanistic.

Shaft Platform solved pain points :

  • The Shaft Platform provides a working platform for the entrance of the elevator shaft, avoiding repetitive dismantlement and installation, modular assembly with the overall system uplift, which makes the construction more convenient.
  • The Shaft Platform provides good safety performance, labors work in a closed space, preventing the laborers from falling from a height or being smashed by any falling objects.
  • With simple and fast installation, speedy structure strengthening and demoulding, and speedy uplift and turnover, it saves the time and cost of manual assembly.
 Shaft Platform 
Shaft Platform 


Published: Oct 30, 2022

Last published: Oct 17, 2022