GETO Aluminium Beam Type Single-Side Wall Framework in MRT Station Construction


As we all know, transport is of great importance to both social and economic development. In Taiwan, China, new MRT stations are being built for the public’s benefit and convenience. GETO is proud to have been involved in one of these projects supplying construction materials. We supplied aluminium beam formwork, aluminium wall formwork, aluminium deck formwork, and aluminium column formworksingle-side formwork is also included.

Project Difficult Point

When it comes to retaining walls, we usually use large triangular trusses to build them. However, the large triangular trusses are so large and heavy that they must be lifted and moved by crane and cannot be installed by manpower only. A bar implant solution is relatively light but requires more pre-set operations. The client gave us their ideas, wanting to be able to install it manually without using the crane, not a tie rod embedding plan, and to use aluminium formwork for the construction. Our international R&D team finally provided an Aluminium Beam Type Single-Side Wall Framework solution, which not only meets the customer’s requirements for manual operation and less implant as mentioned above but also increases the turnover utilization rate of each component, as aluminium beams and props components can be used in other floors and structures after the retaining walls are done.

Aluminium Beam Type Single-Side Wall Framework
Aluminium Beam Type Single-Side Wall Framework

Aluminium Beam Type Single-Side Wall Framework Installation Flow

  1. Cast the base plate and embed the anchor bolts at corresponding positions.
  2. Install wall panel and aluminium beam. Apply mold release agent before wall panel installation. Temporarily use the steel pipe to fix the framework during the setup.
  3. Install connecting components between the main beam and horizontal beam, as well as the base horizontal beam.
  4. Install the horizontal beam and corner steel base of the base horizontal beam.
  5. Install single props and horizontal rods.
  6. Adjust the straightness of the framework. Cast concrete after the embedded aluminium formwork components are fully-tightened.

GETO Aluminium Beam Type Single-Side Wall Framework Advantages

Customer Feedback

Thanks to the joint efforts of the client and us, the formwork was installed with a high degree of completion and the finish was quite satisfactory. The customer has actively provided us with feedback on the use of the product on-site, which has helped us to continue to optimize the product and meet the requirements of the site. In addition, Single-Side Wall Framework can be used for wind energy farm construction.

GETO also provides a Triangular Truss Type Single-Side Wall Framework. Two types of single-side wall formwork each has its advantages with aluminum beam type single-side support formwork.

Triangular Truss Type Single-Side Wall Framework
Triangular Truss Type Single-Side Wall Framework


Published: Nov 30, 2022

Last published: Nov 17, 2022